Episode 004 – The one with the Angry Boater

Hot on the heels of Episode 003, I’m excited to bring you Episode 004 of Up the Cut.

In this unedited, rambling conversation with comedian, former teacher and “Angry Boater” Joel Sanders, we talk about the evolution of his Angry Boater routine, the highs and lows of being a continuous cruiser for seven years, dealing with the learning curve of having to fix everything, whether angry people are more likely to be on widebeams, the anti social people who use canoes to prevent breasting up, why newbies can be annoying, why I don’t get along with everyone where I live, Joel’s boating podcast – Does it get cold in winter? – and the price of chocolate and bottled water in corner shops near the Angel, Islington; amongst other things. He also does a passable impression of Harry Hill.

This will be the last episode I put out for a little while as I want to get organised with a view to ensuring that I can sustain a consistent, regular level of content in the new year.

Joel’s website

You can find the episode at…

UTC web player

Overcast (cross platform)

Music by Bensound




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