Episode 003 – Helping vulnerable boaters.

In this, the third episode of Up the Cut, I visit the bank* and speak with Lorraine Newman about the Waterways Chaplains. Lorraine is the team leader for the Waterways Chaplaincy for the London region, which covers 100 miles of canals and rivers from Batchworth in the west, through central London, and out to Hertford and Bishops Stortford in the east.

The Waterways Chaplains is a group of volunteers who help users of the canals and rivers (not just boaters!!) when they find themselves in difficulties. This could be anything from finding themselves in the CRT enforcement process, having difficulties with their benefits, to just needing someone to talk to.

In the interview Lorraine speaks about what sort of people become Waterways Chaplains, who the Chaplaincy is there to help and how they do it, and the increasing workload she personallt has on the Lee Navigation, both as the result of the Chaplaincy becoming more established and the increase in the number of boats as the centre becomes more congested.

The Chaplaincy is looking for chaplains to work on the Regent’s Canal…if you are interested check out the Waterways Chaplaincy website. You can also contact them through the website if you need their help with anything.

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*The bank – boater talk for the land

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